Tips for replacing clapboard, shingles and shakes

If you have a section of clapboard, a shingle or shape damaged, here’s how to replace it.
Replace damaged clapboard

If a section of clapboard is rotted or damaged beyond repair, you can cut out the section to replace it. Here’s how:

1. Use a combination square to mark cuts at both sides of the damage. Drive wooden wedges under the damaged area to separate the clapboard from the one below.

2. Make your cuts with a backsaw; then use a chisel to break away the exposed part of the piece.

3. Drive your wedges between the clapboard above and the remaining section of the overlapped board. Slip a hacksaw blade under it, and cut the nails holding the remaining piece.

4. Replace damaged building paper, or fix it with roofing cement. Cut a replacement piece of matching clapboard to fit snugly side to side, and then, protecting the bottom of the replacement piece with a wood block, tap the new piece into place. Nail it along the bottom and through the board above.
Replace a shingle or shake

Wood shingles and shakes are the easiest types of siding to repair because you don’t have to cut out sections.

1. Use a flat pry bar to carefully