Everyone has their ideal home that they one day hope to live in. Some people dream of a cozy little cottage on acres of land, some think about having a mansion that could make a king cry, others may want an authentic Italian Villa in Tuscany. But, there are some homes that are very unique that people would love to live in. Tiny Houses have started to pop up just about everywhere, literally everywhere. Tiny homes can fit in someone’s back yard, or even a parking space. Other homes are built out of old metal containers, some out of hillsides, or even dirt and soda cans.

One of these types of houses is called the Earth Ship. These houses are made from tires, tin cans, bottles, wood, any type of “waste” that can be reused, and natural resources. Earth Ships generate most amenities all on their own. Electricity is created using solar and wind power, water is created from rain and snow, it even has its own sewage system that is sanitary. Many of these houses have gardens inside and outside to allow the person to grow their own food. What about the weather? The Earth Ship is designed to have no leaks during a storm, and can heat and cool themselves from the sun and the earth. Many people who have moved into these homes have said it is the best way to live and is eco-friendly.

While you could probably have an Earth Ship as big as you want it, some homes are tiny, like super tiny, not these “one bedroom, one bathroom” tiny. Tiny Houses are designed to be user friendly and extremely affordable. These homes can range anywhere from about 65 to 843 square feet. Just like normal sized homes, there are different styles that you can find. There are cottage style homes, which seem to be the bigger ones. There are homes on wheels for those who like to travel or move a lot, this way you don’t have to pack, just hook your house up to a car and head out of town!

Some other homes that may be surprising are underground homes. These homes are built in hill and mountainsides, or even just underground. Like the Earth Ship homes, these homes can heat and cool themselves helping to save fossil fuel and conserve energy. Underground homes are meant to blend in with the environment to help promote wildlife instead of displacing it in order to build. Safety is very important to those build these homes, they are designed to withstand earthquakes, fires, freezes, and even act as shelter from vandalism and war.

Just like people, houses come in all shapes and sizes and different ways to fit consumer’s needs. These houses are all unique and able to help save the environment by promoting green living. The costs of these homes can vary, and the location can too. Buying one of these houses is the same as buying a normal house, it still requires a mortgage. Talk to your lenders to see what types of homes they can give a mortgage rate for, and of course for how much. Living in your dream home doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

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